How to get started with AUC as a radiology practice

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If you're an imaging center, you'll likely need two clinical decision support (CDS) solutions

1. CDS integrated with your RIS

2. CDS for paper/fax referrals

Solution 1: CDS integrated with your RIS.
5 things to consider.

User experience

The most intuitive interface, with natural language. Personalized UI, learned from user behavior. Use of EMR data in various formats (including free text), to avoid entering data twice. ezCDS



As simple as a single sign on (SSO). As complex as fully RIS and referring physicians' EMR backend integrations. Tailored for your needs. HL7. SMART on FHIR. Web REST APIs. Accommodating your preferences.ezCDS



Our business model relies on effective and fast implementation. Implementation can be done entirely remotely or with minimal on site travel. Minimal disruption and staff needed.ezCDS


Training and support

Our business model relies on superb service and well trained users. State of the art digital training and knowledge base available. Advanced technology for remote monitoring and diagnostic. Innovative technology to support users.ezCDS



Actionable in depth reports on your imaging orders. Insights to optimize current referrals and to identify potential new service lines. Benchmarking.ezCDS


Solution 2: CDS for fax/paper referrals.

For your offsite referring physicians without access to your EMR or a CDS tool.

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